‘Luminous’ - A graduation exhibition that portrays the true meaning of colours

by Ong Ai Jia 

GEORGE TOWN: Students of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Creative Multimedia from Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC) organized their graduation exhibition entitled ‘Luminous’ at Jetty 35 on 14 and 15 March 2020. 

The meaning of colours can vary depending on one’s  cultural and social circumstances. In order to allow the  people to learn more about the meaning of colours, the final year students  have decided to go with this concept as their theme for the graduation exhibition. They reached consensus after much deliberation on the many brainstorming sessions  and scrutinized each and every idea to choose the best theme for the exhibition.  

A group photo of HCUC lecturers and students of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Creative Multimedia with HCUC’s Vice Chancellor Dr Beh Kok Hooi (second row third from right) at the launching ceremony. (Photo source: William Ooi Lian Hin)

In addition to displaying the students’ work at the exhibition ,the ‘Luminous’ graduation exhibition team also prepared a short video clip projection to better inform the visitors of its  theme.

“I felt that this color-themed exhibition is special to me. Well, I also hope that the students of Bachelor of Arts (Honour) Creative Multimedia can strive for a bright future after graduating. Besides, the design industry does not only needs those who put in a lot of effort but also needs those who have a striving heart to flourish in this industry.” said HCUC Vice Chancellor Dr Beh Kok Hooi.

“After much discussion , we chose colour as the theme of our graduation exhibition because we hope to give everyone a deeper understanding of the meaning, mood and purpose of each color through our exhibition,” said Luminous exhibition vice chairman Khoo Yi Lin

“I chose to showcase my work in orange. Orange is a lively colour which is believed to bring happiness and cheeriness to the people., I also wish to take this opportunity to thank my classmates for their hard work in making our graduation exhibition a successful event. Next, I also wish to convey our deepest gratitute  to the guidance and insights of our lecturers who helped to oil our wheels.. Finally, I feel grateful for the unconditional support and love given by my parents. It has boost my confidence and enable me to complete my graduation exhibition well,” added Yi Lin.

“I am amazed and proud to see my daughter and her coursemates put in so much effort for their graduation exhibition.” said Khoo Eng Chong, father of Khoo Yi Lin.  

A final year student (second from left) is explaining his work to HCUC Vice Chancellor Dr Beh Kok Hooi.

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