Han Chiang University College students performed their responsibility to the Mother Nature

Story by Angeline Woo Kar Kei,Photos by Quah Zirong

Georgetown: Batu Feringghi’s very own Miami Beach had its shores cleaned up by the students of  Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC). The initiative named as “Cuci Beachy”, was a part of the corporate social responsibility project organized by the Year Two and Three students of Bachelor in Public Public Relations (Hons).  

Course advisor Mr Muhammad Qamar Rahman Bin Md Isa (middle) poses alongside the participants of ‘Cuci Beachy’. The event was an initiative of the Year Two and Three students of Bachelor in Public Public Relations (Hons).

The Chairperson of Cuci Beachy, Aaron Lim Pek Qin expressed that the motive of the program was to instill and nurture the mindset of giving back to the society and to maintain the cleanliness of our beaches so that people will be able to relish the beauty of our nature. Besides, they also hope the public will be aware of the students’ activities and may join them in keeping our beaches clean.

“Cuci Beachy” attracted about 30 participants and managed to convey the main objective of this event – that  is to encourage people to be responsible towards our environment. Adhering passionately with the spirit of this event, the participants even carpooled to the beach. 

During the four hours of cleaning, the participants had found that most of the rubbish collected were plastic straws, spoons and diapers. They therefore urged the public to be mindful and to throw the rubbish in the dustbins or designated places. 

Participants comprised of lecturers and students of Han Chiang University College (HCUC) joint hands in ‘Cuci Beachy’ event held at Miami Beach, Feringghi on 18th January 2020.

Some of the collected rubbish during ‘Cuci Beachy’ cleanup session at Miami Beach, Batu Feringghi.

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