A wonderful “Tropical Paradise” night for HCUC graduates

Story and Photos: By Wo Yee Qi

It is indeed a beautiful and fun night which many Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC) graduates, students, parents and the audience will always relish.

True to its theme “Tropical Paradise, the presentations by the students coupled with their dresses invoke fond memories of those who had visited Hawaii for their ideal tropical holidays. 


The dances, music and singing were in sync to make the Dato’ Boey Eam Seng Golden Achievement Awards (GAA) 2019 ceremony a great success and always in the hearts of the graduates. 

Earlier in the morning, the students had attended their Convocation 2019 to receive their Diplomas.

Present to enjoy the special evening were Penang Han Chiang Associated Chinese Schools Association Chairman Dato’ Seri Ooi Soo Hing, Vice Chairman Mr Lee Joo Ping, Assistant Honorary Secretary Dato’ Tan Soo Nam, Directors Dato’ Choo Chiang Meng and Mr Ooi Hung Weng. 

Also present were HCUC Vice Chancellor Dr Beh Kok Hooi, Deputy Vice Chancellors Miss Jenny Khoo Gim Hoon and Dr Ooi Bee Peng, and HCUC ambassador Ms Tan Ley Teng. 

There were two special awards and 19 accolades. The 19 accolades were Best Public Relations Campaign, Best Media Planners’ Award, Best Advertising Campaign, Best Feature, Most Promising Journalist, The Best Fiction Production, The Best Non-Fiction Production, The Best Editing, The Best Young Filmmaker, The Most Outstanding Alumni Award (Communication & Media, Business & Management, Applied Creative Arts & Design and Chinese Studies), Cash Flow Award, Best Multimedia Communication Design Project, Best Multimedia Interactive Media Design Project, Most Promising Young Writer Award, Most Promising Young Scholar Award and Best Student Award. The two special awards were the Best Dress Award for male and female. 

ADSpert member, William Goh Wei Loon said they appreciated the guidance and support of their lecturer, Mr Chiang Chee Keat, and all other lecturers for the win. 

“He gave us direction and advised to think out of the box for this assignment. There was also good cooperation among our team members,” Goh said.

“We also thank all those who have helped and given us advice in music, lyrics and also graphic design. We also like to thank Mr Shaun for his help. We hope everyone likes our song.”

Chong Shu Yao said she’s very happy to win the Best Multimedia Communication Design Project Award. 

“I hope I can find a job that interests me. My advice to my juniors is they must pay attention to lecturers’ advice, guidance ás well as do their homework diligently.”

HCUC Vice Chancellor Dr Beh Kok Hooi said he noticed that this year’s GAA was getting better because students seemed to be able to enjoy more and also made this event successful. 

“Last year’s GAA was also a successful event. But this year there is another level of achievement,” he said. 

“As a vice chancellor of HCUC, we would love to see that our students are successful in their future ventures.”  

No. Awards Name School
1 The Most Promising Young Writer  Foo Jia Hui  School of Chinese Studies 
2 The Most Promising Young Scholar  Winnie Ho Wen Yee School of Chinese Studies 
3 The Best Multimedia Communication Design Project  Chong Shu Yao School of Applied Creative Arts and Design 
4 The Best Multimedia Interactive Media Design Project Tan Wei Sheng School of Applied Creative Arts and Design 
5 The Cash Flow Management Award Chan Zi Jian  School of Business and Management 
6 The Best Student Award Cheng Si Pherng  Centre of Professional Studies 
7 The Best Public Relations Campaign  A Blessed Awareness Campaign School of Communication & Media 
8 The Best Media Planner  ADSpert  School of Communication & Media 
9 The Best Advertising Campaign Repaint Your Life School of Communication & Media 
10 The Best Fiction Production  Love is in Between by Imperfect Studios School of Communication & Media 
11 The Best Non-Fiction Production  Mandala Tattoo Artist by Lim Mei Fang School of Communication & Media 
12 The Best Editing  Oh My Batik! by Chewy Gummy Production  School of Communication & Media 
13 The Young Filmmaker Tarren Tan  School of Communication & Media 
14  The Best Feature  A Man Without Actual Age by Yeoh Shin Yee School of Communication & Media 
15  The Most Promising Journalist  Chew Ru Xuan  School of Communication & Media 
16 The Most Outstanding Alumni  Chong Ao Bin  School of Communication & Media 
17 The Most Outstanding Alumni  Jiang Jia Lei School of Applied Creative Arts and Design
18 The Most Outstanding Alumni  Lai Ee Li School of Business and Management 
19 The Most Outstanding Alumni  Lim Jun Long  School of Chinese Studies 


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