HCUC honours its newest graduates

By Darshan Dave A/L Selwendran

The Han Chiang Lim Lean Teng Hall was resplendent with pomp and gaiety as the procession of Han Chiang Board of Directors, academics and graduands walked in for the Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC)’s Convocation 2019 on September 29.

In their graduation ceremonial robes and mortar boards, the students happily walked to the stage in single file to receive their Diplomas from HCUC Vice Chancellor Dr Beh Kok Hooi.

The applause and clappings by the parents and siblings filled the hall as the students went up to receive their Diplomas. Cameras and Handphone cameras went clicking to record the “proud” moment.

Present to witness the occasion were Chancellor of Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC) and Executive Advisor of Penang Han Chiang Associated Chinese Schools Association Board of Directors, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Tan Kok Ping JP, Board Chairman Dato’ Seri Ooi Soo Hing,  and Board Honorary Advisor Dato’ Seri Ng Tee Soo.

Also present were Board Vice Chairman Mr Lee Joo Ping, Honorary Secretary Datuk Tan Hiang Joo, Assistant Honorary Secretary Dato’ Tan Soo Nam, Honorary Treasurer Dato’ Lim Kooi Ting, Assistant Honorary Treasurer Mr Khoo Choon Aun, Directors Dato Choo Chiang Meng, Mr Gan Hock Hoe, Mr Ooi Hung Weng, Committee Members Mr Teoh Meng Kiang, Mr Teoh Cha Hai and Mr Liang Wing Sim, Internal Auditor Dato’ Lai Chang Hun and Members of the Academic Consultative Committee of HCUC.

The Han Chiang High School principal Ms Kung Bee Lee, Han Chiang Primary School headmistress Ms Lee Hong Choo, HCUC Deputy Vice Chancellors Prof Dr Teng Tjoon Tow, Miss Jenny Khoo Gim Hoon and Dr Ooi Bee Peng, HCUC Deans, lecturers, parents, relatives and friends of the graduands were also present.

A total 134 graduates were conferred their Diplomas while nine students received the “Best Students” awards.

Of the 134 graduates, 76 students are from the School of Communication and Media, 30 from the School of Business and Management, 16 from the School of Applied Creative Arts and Design and 12 from the School of Chinese Studies.

The nine “Best Students” are Loo Yuan Ling, Ong Wei Yee, Chua Yi Qin (Diploma in Mass Communication), Tan Kar Yin (Diploma in Broadcast Journalism), Chong Shu Yao (Diploma in Multimedia Communication Design), Teh Yi Xin (Diploma in Business Management),  Ang Choy Xai (Diploma in Accounting), Loh Min Nee (Diploma in Logistics Management) and Winnie Ho Wen Yee (Diploma in Chinese Studies).

Twenty students are recipients of the Annual Dean’s List awards.

They are Cham Soon Kit, Chiow Hooi Chean, Teoh Yen Pin, Joan Chong Eileen, Winnie Oon Chia Xiang, Priscilla Ho Yuxin, Khoo Yi Lin, Chong Shu Yao, Chua Jing Wen, Low Chee Hong, Kang Chien Loong, Loh Kher Ning,Law Shi Qi, Ng Xue En, Teh Yi Xin, Ooi Sing Yin, Lim Xin Ting, Foo Jia Hui, Lim Ge Wen and Kim Rui Yu.

They are from the Schools of Communication and Media, Business and Management, Applied Creative Arts and Design and Chinese Studies.

HCUC Chief Executive and Vice Chancellor Dr Beh Kok Hooi congratulated all the graduates, wishing them the very best on their next journey either to further their studies or to pursue a meaningful and enriching career.

“You have worked hard and demonstrated the commitment required to excel in whatever you put your heart into,” Dr Beh said, adding that for 100 years, Han Chiang has been pioneering affordable yet quality education for the good of the community.

“As a non-profit institution, backed by the strong and tremendous support of Han Chiang Associated Chinese Schools Association Board of Directors and upholding the tradition of nurturing future leaders, HCUC aspires to attain the highest standard of excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship.’’

Dr Beh stressed that HCUC offered a variety of quality and industry-driving programmes.

“The journey towards excellence is promising, and as we create a future for everyone, I’m pleased to announce to you that we’re on the verge of gaining the seal of Full Accreditation approval from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) for a diverse range of homegrown degrees that are in store for our students.” 

The newly-minted programmes include Bachelor of Communication (Advertising) (Hons), Bachelor of Communication (Media Production) (Honours), Bachelor of Communication (New Media) (Honours), Bachelor in Public Relations (Honours), Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Multimedia, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese Studies and Master in Management.

He said most of these programmes are part of HCUC’s dual award programmes with the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia.

“The MoU signing between HCUC and USQ late last year has enabled HCUC students to pursue dual award programmes in Advertising, New Media, Media Production, Public Relations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Creative Multimedia and Management.”

Dr Beh added that HCUC students, who graduated from the dual award programmes would obtain two separate certificates from both institutions, thus adding advantage to gaining employment. 

“As the students have worked very hard to get to this point in their life, they truly deserved to be honored.”

The audience was treated to a touching performance by Ang Kit Wai, a second-year Diploma in Chinese Studies student from HCUC. His performance was accompanied by visuals on the screen of the graduates’ time in Han Chiang and the friends they had made during their two-and-a-half year academic journey. 

It was a touching farewell as the students embraced one another with tears welled up in their eyes while others tried to console. As said by the Vice Chancellor, Dr Beh Kok Hooi “ You are all valued students and I hope you will continue your relationship with HCUC either as continuing undergraduate or postgraduate students or alumni.”

It was a beautiful moment when everyone stood and bowed to their parents, especially knowing that none of their achievements would have been possible without the support, help and guidance from their parents, friends, family members and lecturers.


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