HCUC graduate wins Young PR Professional of the Year Award

By Anthony Chew

Part-time emcee Mohd Faeiz Mohd Shaffin was doing some chores in Batu Kawan when he received an unexpected telephone call from the organiser of the Wow Kampar Mention 2019 Young PR Professional of the Year competition.

He thought they wanted him to be an emcee, instead they said they would be presenting him an award. 

“I was totally surprised, at the same time greatly elated when they said I had won the Wow Kampar Mention 2019 Young PR Professional of the Year Award,” Faeiz, 24, said in an interview. 

This award means so much to Mohd Faeiz.

The competition was organised by UTAR Kampar in collaboration with the Perak State Government. UTAR Kampar final year students made the nominations.

Faeiz, who obtained a Diploma in Public Relations from Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC) in 2015, said the award was very meaningful to him, as the competition was judged by the Perak State Government, students as well as management from another educational institution.

It was his first award since he started working two and a half years ago, and he was overwhelmed, noting that he is young in the Public Relations industry, and “still has a lot to learn and improve.”

“I am honoured and appreciate their good intention to present me with the award. As a freelance emcee, I used to announce the names of winners for awards, but to get it myself, wow, that’s great,” he quipped.

The award came with a certificate, trophy and cash prize.

Faeiz completed his diploma studies at HCUC at end of 2015 (then known as Han Chiang College) and joined Design Village Penang Outlet Mall at Batu Kawan in mid-2016 as a customer service officer. (Han Chiang College was upgraded to university college status in 2017). 

In early 2017, Faeiz took up the post of advertising and promotion executive (PR event) with the same company.

On his future plans, he said he has set his sight on his future direction and is fully aware of what he needs to do as a young working adult. 

Besides English and Bahasa Malaysia, Faiez can also converse fluently in Mandarin. He had picked up the Chinese language and Mandarin at kindergarten and at SJK (C)  Permatang Tinggi, Simpat Empat. His father is Chinese-educated.  

“Having a good command in Chinese language and Mandarin is a great asset and I am glad my parents sent me to a Chinese-medium school,” he added. 

Faeiz (second from right) with the trophy. With him is his father Mohd Shaffin Abdullah (left), sister, Nursyamimi Mohd Shaffin, and mother Sabariah Ishak (right). 

On his study days at HCUC, Faeiz said he was grateful to have been exposed to the course on media law which is included in the Diploma in Mass Communication curriculum.

“Having a good knowledge of media ethics is so important and relevant to my current job. We must know what is freedom of speech and to what extent, the dos and don’ts, especially when we are working and representing our company,” he added.

He loves meeting and engaging with new friends and wanting to know about new things. 

His advice to budding students, “What’s good for you, it’s in your heart. What’s your goal and mission, follow your heart. No job is easy.”

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