Benefiting HCUC students

Story & Photo By Teh Keh Yee 

The glamour of a TV news anchor makes many people dream and want to become one of them, but do you know that the tasks involved are more than what we actually see?

It was a good opportunity for about 40 university college students from West Malaysia, including those from Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC) to meet newscasters Tan Chia Yong and Ong Ching Yee, both from 8TV, and obtain first hand knowledge about the job of a newscaster. 

Tan Chia Yong (left) and Ong Ching Yee (right).

The sharing and interview session with students for the northern region, held at HCUC campus, was a collaboration between HCUC and OYeah Media Sdn Bhd to scout for talented newscasters for 8TV and ntv7. OYeah is a broadcast professional training company committed to cultivating broadcast talents and focuses on practical exercises.

The benefits of the sharing session at HCUC include:

  • providing a platform for HCUC students to gain more knowledge about the industry
  • enhancing  the students’ knowledge on preparing for their career path
  • widening the students’ knowledge on the job of a newscaster
  • strengthening the bond between HCUC and the industry players

The northern region’s interview programme would be followed by the second one for central region and then for southern region.

Tan, who is also the founder of O’Yeah Media Sdn Bhd, said “sound is very powerful because it can shape the first impression and connotation of a person.”

“As a professional, we have to take care of every detail and handle situations well, some of which can be awkward or embarrassing. We also have to use our discretion.”  

Meanwhile, Ong said it was important to build oneself into “someone unique”, in order to go very far in our career. 

She gave some tips on styling, clothing, body language, message delivery and adaptability to changes.

The sharing session was lively and interactive with many students asking questions.

Before the session ended, the students gave the newscasters a thumbs-up and a round of applause.

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