Yummy Yam

By Teh Keh Yee

Malaysia is a food haven, especially Penang. There are lots of “hidden food” stalls which you may not know their whereabouts, even if you are a Penangite. Scout around, you will find stalls selling food of your liking and taste in Penang.

Han Chiang University College of Communicaiton (HCUC) staff and students can have a good meal of Yam Rice with salted vegetable soup and vinegar trotters at the stall which is in the vicinity of the university college. 

It is different from others as the portion is bigger, comes with reasonable prices. The soup is served with meat-balls, pork, tao fu, entrails, some vegetables such as parsley. 

Those who like sour food will definitely love the soup. 

A HCUC staff said he loves the taste of the vinegar trotters. 

“I heard about the yam rice from many students. I almost have had my lunch there once a week. I love it so much because of the good taste and the reasonable price. Due to the increasing cost of living today, I believe the price is cheaper.” 

video-admin | 25 Jul 2019 | Lifestyle