Cineaste, best screening of 2019?

By Darshan Dave

It was a delightful evening of entertainment for Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC) students, their families and friends during the “Cineaste” Premiere 2019.

The campus’ two auditoriums were packed with more than 320 people who bought the seats to watch the screening.

It was a great show put up by HCUC’s final year broadcasting students before their graduation. They are Year 3 Semester 1 students doing their Diploma at the School of Communication and Media. 

Six short films were screened, namely “Inherit”,  “Foul”, “My Dear Brother”, “Wish”, “Dilemma” and “Cherish”.

Present were Han Chiang Board of Directors Assistant Honorary Treasurer Mr Khoo Choon Aun, HCUC Vice Chancellor Dr Beh Kok Hooi, Deputy Vice Chancellor Ms Jenny Khoo. Dean of School of Communication and Media, Mr Chuah Chin Guan, and project lecturer advisor Mr Lee Kean Wei, who is also Head of Broadcasting Unit.

The idea of the screening focuses around the term, Cineaste. Cineaste is a person who is fond and knowledgeable about cinema. 

It was a blistering and hard process to create a screening of this calibre as it was meticulously planned from the opening to the end of the screening.

A heart-warming tale of friendship and never giving up on each other, the passion for what they wanted to do and it was laid bare for all to see during the screening.

HCUC students in a group photograph with lecturers.

There was hardly a dry eye towards the end of the screening because every student involved in the organising committee had helped and pushed each other forward to do a great job.

It was really clear that the students involved have improved over time as Cineaste has proven that they can make high value and high production videos. 

The chairman of Cineaste Premiere, Mr Goh Kah Kheng, said that a lot of them had lost sleep to make the screening a success as evident by their growing dark circles under their eyes.

To the audience and the VIP’s, these students have become a Cineaste and without a doubt, they deserve an accolade.   

“Inherit” won the Best Short Film award, which comes with RM500 and RM300 Cash Red Box Voucher, while “Dilemma” was the Most Favourable Short Film, winning RM300 plus RM300 Red Box Voucher.

“Inherit” was produced by Now Production which comprised  Goh Kah Kheng, Jasmine Yong Kar Yan and Teh Jia Min.

Dilemma was produced by Chewy Gummy Production which comprised Tai Wei Yi, Ng Jia Rui and Koay Zi Wei.


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