Wowing the judges at HCUC’s Host Idol Search Contest 2019

By  Sezzvyniia

Thirteen secondary school students wowed the judges with their presentation and orator skills at the Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC)‘s Host Idol Search Contest 2019 at Gurney Plaza, Penang, on July 13.

Despite their tender age, a majority of them managed to overcome the stage fright and nervousness to put up a good show, watched by their parents, siblings, friends and the public.

Three of them emerged champions respectively in the Bahasa Malaysia Category, English Category and Mandarin Category.

The champions are Puteri Nabilah Binti Zulkefli from SMK Perlis (from Bahasa Malaysia Category), Sentoash Naidu from Penang Free School (from English Category) and  Loh Yin Hui from SMJK Chio Min (from Mandarin Category).

The most popular host chosen through “likes on Host Idol 2019 Facebook Page’’ was won by Loh Yin Hui while the most supportive school was won by SMK Perlis. Both received a certificate and a trophy each. 

The  judges are popular local news anchors Mr Owen Yap from 8TV, Mr Ivan Toh from RTM TV1 and Ms Tan Ley Teng from 8TV.

In his speech, HCUC Vice Chancellor Dr Beh Kok Hooi urged youngsters today to strive in helping positive changes to the society.

“As I stand in the presence of many young talents today, I would like to urge you to embrace the fire within you and think about what you can do to serve your community.” 

“Young people have the stand to make significant positive change to the society.” 

“In HCUC, we always strive to provide a diverse platform for all youngsters to discover their potential and nurture their talents.” 

Education Ministry Assistant Director of Sports, Co-curricular and Arts Division, Encik Shamsudin Bin Redza, who was present, said Host Idol Search Contest is a great event as it gives opportunities to high school students to show their potential as hosts or anchor for the broadcasting field.” 

“It is an excellent space for them to learn how broadcasting is done in our country.” 

“I’d like to give a suggestion to improvise for the next host idols search contest. I think, this space should be given in a wider scale like for the whole country. Since it only focuses on northern region for now.” 

“It should be expanded throughout Malaysia and broken it into different zones to accommodate participants from all regions. With this, all school students under the Ministry of Education will get to know the existence of Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC) and also know there is a platform for them to prove their talent.”


What the winners say

Bahasa Malaysia Category 

Champion – Puteri Nabilah Binti Zulkefli (SMK Perlis) 

“I feel extremely happy and honoured to have won the championship for Bahasa Malaysia category.”

“At first, I did not want to enter the competition but my teacher encouraged me. She said I have talents and I should go for the audition.” 

“I really enjoyed Round 2 when the finalists had to introduce a product because I had the opportunity to talk in my own intonation and be more flexible with my style of speaking.” 

“My ambition is to pursue my studies in the arts field and a career in broadcasting, anchoring or newscasting. I would really consider coming to HCUC to further my studies as they have great facilities.” 


1st Runner Up – Hana Humaira Iliqa Binti Amirkhalid (SMK Bakar Arang)

“I was feeling on top of the world when I was announced as the 1st runner up. Though I dreamt of being a champion, I am beyond grateful for what I got.”

“The event was conducted really well and the judges did a very fair job, I am satisfied.” 

“My take out value from this event was to always believe in myself, to always be confident and never be afraid to go out and try new things.” 

“I want to be a pilot but, in my opinion, for someone to be in the media industry, Host Idol Search Contest is definitely one of the greatest platforms as well as a great exposure to help one boost oneself.” 


2nd Runner Up – Haleemunnisa Binti Mohamad Koya (Methodist Girls’ School) 

“This is my first time doing actual reporting and I was extremely nervous seeing the crowd and the judges in front of me, but thankful enough I have completed both the rounds.”

“I am happy to have represented my school in this competition and also very much happy to have made myself proud by trying new things.”

“My ambition is initially to be an accountant but after entering this competition and going through the workshops, I think I want to be a journalist.” 

“HCUC will be my option as they have scholarships and I can choose my major in diploma itself.”


English Category 

Champion – Sentoash Naidu (Penang Free School)

“I am shocked, happy and excited to be the winner of Host Idol 2019, English category. It was almost impossible to prepare for the reporting part as it was impromptu, thus general knowledge is very important. I always speak from the heart.”

“I have much interest to pursue my education in the arts field.” 

“I wanted to join this competition for a few years but the time had not been right and I didn’t have the chance. Since, this is my last year in high school, I have to give this a shot.” 


1st Runner Up – Wong Kae Jing (SMK Perlis)

“My win was totally unexpected as I did not attend the earlier workshop. So I did not know the ability of my competitors.” 

“Though the judges had a hard time deciding the champion for the English category, I think they did a great job. Sentoash (the champion) certainly has a better command of English than I and I will continue working on that.” 

“Throughout the whole process of Host Idol Search Contest, I have learned a lot through my mistakes, such as not to speak too fast.” 

“It is a great show to be held as it helps train secondary school students to go on stage and speak in front of a big audience. It is a beneficial experience for the future.” 


2nd Runner Up – Nhantini A/P Ramachandran (Methodist Girls’ School)

“It was like a dream come through to be up on stage doing reporting, I’ve always wanted to perform and the feeling was just amazing.”

“I feel honoured and appreciated to have made it till the final although I did not give my very best in the second round.” 

“I will be back with a bang in next year’s host idol search contest.” 


Mandarin Category 

Champion – Loh Yin Hui (SMJK Chio Min)

“I was taken aback when they announced me as the champion because I was not expecting it but, it has been an affirmation to me to achieve great things.” 

“I joined this competition because I want to be in the media industry in the future, thus this could be a great exposure for me.” 

“This competition has helped me learn things like how to speak as a TV host, shoot and edit video and also to overcome stage fright.” 


1st Runner Up -Neng Yi Qian (SMK Perlis)

“I feel very happy to have been given the opportunity to give my best.” 

“A few of my seniors have taken part in Host Idol Search contest before and it really sparked my interest to join it.”

“I have done emceeing a few times and I just wanted to try out what it feels like to be a host, happy enough I made it as the 1st runner up.”


2nd Runner Up – Tan Tze Yi (SMJK Chio Min)

“I was informed by my friend that I got selected to the finals and I could not contain my happiness.” 

“It was a great event platform for students to put their best foot forward.” 

“All the three judges are professionals but they are humble and willing to share their ideas and give suggestions to us on how to perform better.” 

“I want to be a news anchor and through this event, I have learned techniques of hosting by attending the workshops.” 

Host Idol Search Contest 2019 was supported by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and sponsored by Gurney Plaza, Asia5b Sdn Bhd, Style Flash Beauty & Image Centre, Diana Spring Beauty Salon, Eastin Hotel Penang, EYEPLUS Optometrist, Nicole Koid Yee Mei, MOMA Water Sdn Bhd, Aquaria KLCC and Soon Ghee Printing Enterprise. 


The list of winners: 

Bahasa Malaysia Category 

Position Name School
Champion Puteri Nabilah Binti Zulkefli SMK Perlis
1st Runner Up Hana Humaira Iliqa Binti Amirkhalid SMK Bakar Arang
2nd Runner Up Haleemunnisa Mohamad Koya Methodist Girls’ School
Consolation Linda Cheang Mei Le Methodist Girls’ School


English Category 

Position Name  School
Champion Sentoash Naidu  Penang Free School
1st Runner Up  Wong Kae Jing SMK Perlis
2nd Runner Up Nhantini A/P Ramachandran Methodist Girls’ School
3rd Runner Up  Grace Chai Jeng Swan  SMJK Pei Yuan
Consolation  Wong Zhi Ying SMJK Pei Yuan


Mandarin Category 

Position Name School
Champion Loh Yin Hui  SMJK Chio Min
1st Runner Up Neng Yi Qian SMK Perlis
2nd Runner Up Tan Tze Yi SMJK Chio Min
Consolation Lee Chen Yun  SMJK Chio Min


The prizes are:

Champion (one for each category) Scholarship up to RM25,000, prizes worth RM2,000, certificate and trophy.

1st Runner up (one for each category) Scholarship up to RM12,500 , prizes worth RM1,500, certificate and trophy.

2nd Runner up (one for each category) Scholarship p to RM12,500, prizes worth RM1,000, certificate and trophy.

3rd Runner Up (one for each category) Scholarship up to RM6,250, prizes worth RM800, certificate and trophy

Consolation (one for each category) Prizes worth RM500, certificate and trophy.


The annual Host Idol Search Contest, which is now in its fourth year running, serves as a platform for secondary school students to improve their communication skills and instil confidence and charisma when presenting in public. 

The preparations for the finals started months earlier with the first auditions held in March. Then, the top 45 semi-finalists went through a series of workshops and assignments in which their works were evaluated.

During the finals, the contestants were required to carry out impromptu live reporting on stage during the first round. They were further shortlisted to three per each category and went through a second round when they were required to do a live promotion of products. 

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