The 3R recycling awareness campaign at HCUC

By Ryan Ooi Chun Kit

Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC) students have been reminded to inculcate the spirit of 3R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) waste hierarchy.

The reminder came in the form of an event called “End Waste Now” organised by HCUC’s Tzu Ching Society in collaboration with Penang’s Tzu Ching Society, which is part of Tzu Chi Merit Society of Malaysia.

Several booths were set up at HCUC’s Multi-Purpose Hall to promote the recycling process and to instil greater awareness of environmental pollution. 

The event draws a good response from HCUC students. 

The 3R waste hierarchy is a guidance to create a sustainable life and help bring a small change in daily life to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. 

The event was held at HCUC to advocate recycling and encourage students to bring along items to Tzu Ching for recycling. 

Tzu Ching volunteers explaining a recycling process to Dr Beh.


The Society’s volunteers explained the recycling process to the participating students. Many items such as metal straws, drinks and instant rice were sold to the students.


Activities including riding a still-bicycle to power LED lights and coaching students how to make a basket from recycled papers. 

HCUC Vice-Chancellor Dr Beh Kok Hooi said the event was highly beneficial to students. 

“These skills such as teamwork and awareness of climate crisis that students learn from Tzu Ching are pivotal to HCUC and they are able to expand their horizons to cater to society.

“These skills are becoming more important to society as a whole. Through this event, we are able to produce students who are able to use their skills learnt to complement the knowledge learnt from the classroom,” he added. 

HCUC student giving the “thumbs up” for recycling.

Dr Beh (fourth from left) in a group photo with Tsu Ching volunteers. Second from right is HCUC lecturer Miss Lam Yat Kuan.

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