Wowing HCUC students

By Teh Keh Yee


Astro AEC’s news anchor Carol Ong, Astro MY DJs Yoon Goh and Tha Jie Ying wowed Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC) students with their showmanship during a roadshow at HCUC.


The event was held in conjunction with the “scouting of talent” for Astro. The HCUC Auditorium was fully packed for almost two hours with students, who are mainly from the School of Communication and Media and lecturers.

HCUC students enjoying the session.  

The DJs and news anchor shared the advantages and downside of their workplace experiences especially being in the limelight working for radio and TV stations. At the same time, they gave encouragement to the HCUC students to take up this professional career when they complete their studies.  


Astro’s MY DJ Yoon Goh, who used to be the HoChiak producer and a TV host, has about 20 years of experience, while Astro’s MY DJ Jie Ying has eight years of experience as a singer and Astro AEC’s news anchor Carol Ong has two years of experience.


The audience had fun and laughter when Jie Ying described the working life of a DJ to that of a soldier who is armed with weapons ready to fight with the enemy.

Astro MY DJ Jie Ying sharing her experiences from a singer to a DJ.

“There is a big difference in the work between a singer and a DJ. As a singer, during a function, you will be led by the host while a DJ takes the lead. Also as a DJ, we have to be quick-witted and make a fast decision on the spot,” she said, adding that she is lucky to have the chance to gain both experiences.


“During a live show, when something went wrong and you made a terrible decision, you would be embarrassed.


“We look at ourselves, we must know our family background clearly, who we are at the beginning. We must not try to imitate others because everyone has his or her own skills and you may end up nowhere.”


Based on her experiences, Yoon advised students to acquire as much skills and knowledge because “you wouldn’t know when the skills would come in handy.’’

Astro's MY DJ Yoon (right) sharing her experiences in the session with HCUC students.  

“As a DJ on a live show, we have to be careful to speak the right words. To me, this part is the most challenging.”


She also urged the students to learn how to write scripts, do video filming, video editing as well as to take up the challenge to be a TV host, to be a director or even a producer.


There is no shortcut and easy way out. You have to learn everything as much as you can, from scratch, she said.


As a news presenter and a professional journalist, Carol said one has to be honest that there are limitations for the truth. Although we must not impose our feelings on the public, we are still a witness of any historical event.

Astro AEC's news anchor Carol Ong sharing her experiences with HCUC students. 

“At times, I also had to go out to cover news assignments. There was this unforgettable incident involving a VIP.


“When Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim was discharged from hospital after the 509 General Elections in 2018, many reporters had to chase after Anwar’s car just to take a photograph of him. I was one of these reporters. We looked like a swarm of bees!”  


She said just like the power of new media, we have to strive to learn as much as we can. There is no difference between a female journalist and a male journalist because we perform similar tasks and have to carry big bags which are heavy with the cameras and accessories.  


Carol summarised the three main points required of a journalist - have a strong heart, a bag which can be used for multi-purposes and a pair of hard shoes.


A happy occasion for HCUC students in this group photograph with Astro AEC's news anchor and Astro MY DJs. 


HCUC Admin, 07 Jun 2019 | Han Chiang News