Han Chiang University College of Communication is one of the first institutions of higher learning in Malaysia that provides great learning opportunities to students via an integrated news portal, aptly called Han Chiang News.

Han Chiang News is a platform for working and trainee journalists to cover issues that are close to our hearts. We're attentive to the local community and aim to write stories that matter.

The news portal is divided into the English and Chinese sections, reflecting the bilingual capability of the college's staff and students who are responsible for generating Han Chiang news with regular content. These content include news stories, movie and food reviews, interesting features, investigative pieces, columns and catchy video news reports.

Han Chiang News also syndicates self-generated content to interested content buyers.

Everyone loves a good story and we're good story tellers (if we may say so ourselves!). If you'd like us to cover your event or would like to share a juicy story or photo, email us at wahida@hju.edu.my